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Start adding push notifications to your Windows apps – Today!

We finally did it.

Simon Dawlat

CEO @ Batch

TL;DR: After a long & bloody battle, Batch now officially supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 10!

Unbelievable but true.


Here’s our (Windows) story.

We really wanted to work with this particular client.

Really big account that we knew Batch was perfect for: large media co’, great brand, hundreds of thousands of daily readers, opportunities to implement our segmentation engine everywhere, improve their push delivery performances – e-ve-ry-thang.

We knew we could make their app much more effective at communicating with readers by empowering their team with our platform. Plus, landing them as clients would bring us market awareness, team morale, good karma and well, a nice little revenue bump too :-)

But they had been heavily featured by Microsoft in the past.

Which, in itself, isn’t bad.

But as a result, when they approached us and as we chatted, we started to realize that a large, above two-digit percentage of their overall audience came from Windows devices. We were taken slightly by surprise.

Very logically, they agreed to work with us on the condition that we delivered a Windows SDK for Batch, which we had never planned to build. Ouch – those who manage roadmaps for a living know what that means.

After some internal debate, we took the decision to get over it and actually support the platform for them. And today, we make it official after the usual testing phase (see below).

Hats off to our engineering team and specifically Arnaud, Nicolas & Vincent for pulling this one off.

Want to check it out? Start integrating our Windows SDK.